In 1913, a managerial switch occurred for the Yankees. Frank Chance, former first baseman of the Chicago Cubs (one third of the famous double play combination along with Johnny Evers and Joe Tinker), was chosen as Yankee manager. The appointment of Chance as would spell Chase's end with the team. Chance, planning to retire in California, was lured back to the major leagues by big money from Yankee owners Farrell Devery. He was expected to jump-start what had been an anemic anemic team, as the Yankees for most of the previous seasons had been mediocre at best. Chance, from a suggestion of Yankee business manager Arthur Irwin, held spring training drills in Bermuda. In doing so, his club became the first major league baseball team to train outside the United States. Chance, a disciplinarian by nature, saw the trip as an opportunity to stamp his mark on the Yankees. The actual results of this unique event were mixed as Bermuda was not known for its baseball fields. The Yankees practiced on rock hard coral ground and this produced loud protests from some of the players. For Chance, his constitution was damaged, as the food being served was a little too exotic for him. According to some former players, Chancešs personality was lousy to begin with, and the food adventure did nothing to improve his temper. As a whole, the team was in a foul mood when they returned to the States. Chase soon found himself at the center of another Chance experiment. He was installed at second base. Chance, dreaming of his playing days as a first baseman, toyed with the idea of putting himself at that position and using Chase as a second sacker. According to a New York Herald report of April 16, 1913, Chase's skills at the position had not deserted him:

"Although he was supposed to be suffering from an injury sustained in practice yesterday, Hal Chase played a perfect game at second base. Examination just before the game showed that there was no splintering of a bone in his right arm as had been feared. He played a star game, making his first assist of the season in the sixth and made a lightning throw to first. Chase was altogether a show in himself. Besides his fine fielding, he scored two of the Yankees three runs, his second one, the game winning tally, being the result of his triple. All in all, Chase was the healthiest acting cripple yet seen on any diamond. "

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