The World Series of 1919 pitted two of Chase's former teams, the Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds, against each other. The White Sox were favored but the Reds were victorious.Their victory became tainted however, when it was revealed that seven White Sox players had conspired to lose the Series. In return for throwing games, the seven players received $100,000 from gambling interests. In light of this, it is a bitter irony that Chase had once starred for both these teams. In 1921, as he walked out of a movie theater in San Jose, California, Hal Chase was arrested. He was implicated in the "Black Sox" scandal and a warrant had been issued in Chicago. He was released on a $3,000 bond. As with his disbarment from organized baseball, many versions of Chase's involvement, or lack of it, in the scandal have been recorded. His own story differs, of course, from all other incarnations: "The investigators sent for me. I announced that if they wanted me, they'd have to pay $500 for my time and transportation. I said I would be willing to go because I had nothing to fear. Finally, my name was dropped from the discussion. It was felt apparently, that it wasn't worth $500 to bring me to Chicago. They couldn't have wanted me very badly if they weren't willing to put up that small guarantee." In fact, the state of California refused extradition of Chase to Chicago on the technicality that his arrest warrant was not issued correctly. Chase eventually revealed much more about the Black Sox scandal and himself, but, those revelations would come at the end of his days. He still had much more living to do, though not in the public eye. The commotion caused by Chase's arrest was the last time a casual observer would hear of him. Chase migrated to Arizona, as playing any organized ball in California was impossible due to his disbarment. His career on the baseball diamond began anew in Arizona and New Mexico, in many small desert border towns. Out among the sand and scorpions, Chase, at age 42, was far removed from his glory days challenging Nap Lajoe and Ty Cobb.
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